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The two first teamed up on the day Seigfried asked his ship-mate if he could assist him with his stage routine — and Roy offered up a suggestion that would cement the duo’s future in entertainment.“He said to me, what you just did with a rabbit tonight, could you do it with a cheetah?In the image, posted to Twitter with the caption, “Look who we bumped in to @The Mirage LV secret garden” – Siegfried perspires not a single drop.It’s as if he has a trick air conditioning unit up his sleeve.Roy’s disappearance from the public eye is no act: A source tells The Post the 71-year-old now rarely ventures outside the pair’s palatial 100-acre compound known as Little Bavaria, located miles north of the noise and bustle of the casinos on the Strip.Until recently, Roy would show up occasionally in his motorized wheelchair at the Secret Garden or for dinner at the Mirage, but the source says those outings are increasingly rare.Roy not only survived, he regained partial ability to walk and talk.Siegfried and Roy clung to the hope Roy would recover enough to resume the show.

In 1981, they were offered their own very own production called Beyond Belief, at the Frontier.

As a child, Roy developed a rapport with a cheetah he met at a zoo and somehow liberated him, making the big cat a pet.

He was also offered employment on the same cruise ship as Seigfried, as a bell-boy.

They chose Philippe Stolzl, director of The Physician, to write it and Nico Hoffmann to direct.

Germany’s increasing international UFA Fiction will get first rights to air the series.

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