Who is larenz tate dating

They were briefly seperated when Eddie was believed dead and running from the law, but they were reunited in The Final Concert, when he was proven innocent.Eddie admitted to Loren that he loves her in the same episode.However, Loren is shown to still harbor a crush on the young idol and she admits to Melissa that she is falling for him as a person, not just a rockstar.Eddie has seemed to turn to Loren in a way of comfort from the recent Chloe/Tyler drama.Eddie said to Chloe he felt 'protective of her' and 'she's like a little sister'.As of recent episodes, Eddie and Loren have considered each other friends.

Subsequently, he kisses her later that evening on her porch.They start to take their friendship to the next level after they kiss on Loren's front porch.In the episode Their Special Place, they kissed when he walked her to her porch after they went to their special place.She's very shy at first, but becomes more confident as time goes on. She is a good friend and daughter, even willing to get over the fact that her mother is dating her enemy's father.She is a little shy towards certain people, especially ones she doesn't really know.

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