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Peggy Giordano of Bowling Green State University presents preliminary findings from the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study (TARS), a thirteen-year longitudinal study examining the lives of young people transitioning into adulthood. Giordano led a team of researchers who performed five waves of structured in-home surveys paired with in-depth qualitative interviews with a subset of respondents who had experienced violence within the context of their dating relationships.

The team found that there are numerous processes within early relationships that increase the risk of teen dating violence occurring, and a window on change — that is, factors associated with 'desistance' from this destructive pattern of behavior.

Involvement in the criminal justice system provides a unique opportunity to treat drug abuse disorders and related health conditions, thereby improving public health and safety.

This presentation highlights the following: 1) the neuro-biology of addiction; 2) evidence-based principles of addiction treatment; and 3) research efforts underway at the National Institute on Drug Abuse to expand knowledge on effectively addressing drug abuse in the criminal justice system. Chandler in which she discusses in three short segments: December 2011 Phillip J.

He will talk about the team's findings and recommendations for improving the tactical value and the strategic value of the NIBIN program. King is joined by John Risenhoover, NIBIN's national coordinator at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who will discuss how ATF has used the research findings in an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of NIBIN. Professor of Law, Justice, and Society & Director, Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research American University John R. The summit brought together experts from throughout the justice system to talk about preventing wrongful arrests and convictions. D., Associate Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis, Pepperdine University, and Mark Kleiman, Ph.This seminar provides the first set of estimates from a national large-scale survey of violence against women and men who identified themselves as American Indian or Alaska Native using detailed behaviorally specific questions on psychological aggression, coercive control and entrapment, physical violence, stalking, and sexual violence.These results are expected to raise awareness and understanding of violence experienced by American Indian and Alaska Native people.The seminars are recorded before a live audience and posted to NIJ has not planned our next seminar but we encourage you to sign up for email updates.

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