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No idea, but yeah wowprogress is wonky and not updating.As far as I can tell there isn't a forum for that site so figured I'd ask here.If you want to see an accurate ranking, do you have to hit the update button on each character's page, rather than each guild's page?I don't quite get how the server pet score ranking works.Looks like it picks a main based on highest equipped item level (unless maybe if they've registered at the site?

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the Pv E/mythic raiding oriented servers like Stormrage, A52 and ZJ.Is each person tied to only 1 server, even though achievements/pets are account wide?What keeps someone from using their characters on other servers to rank?You can update individual character profiles:for me: a button on the right side saying 'update now'. They do not want lack of participation because people are afraid to have loses/rank show on the armory.Wowprogress just assigns a score to all your pets based on level and rarity. That might change if we ever get better Pv P tracking tools. I am not going to 100% say never but it is very very unlikely to ever happen.

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