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transport, energy, water as well as citizen and business engagement) are already in place, aimed at scaling up and consolidating the solutions pioneered by the MK: Smart project.

Last month I blogged my saga of building a rig dedicated just for hosting virtual machines.

Although the project officially finished at the end of June 2017, a number of new exciting initiatives related to project’s main research areas (i.e.^Sg" THE -^^- y5TLAS J^atiopal Ea[)\' av - Perry av.second i oann Archer av ,^2i OO Twenty-sec'nd pl2226 Alexander 2250 T wenty -third.So from the Web client, I can launch a remote client (or via a shortcut I put in my Favorites list or on the desktop) to the VM and interact with it until I get RDP going (or if I just want to connect from the outside): (click to see a bigger picture) Finally it also has the ability to startup/shutdown machines in a specific order when the host machine is shut down or turned on.You can tell it to start the next one after the VMWare Tools load in the host machine, or put a delay on them.

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