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First of all, once you look at the terms and conditions, you see that’s not true.Also,’s 15 million members are located worldwide.While 15 million is a lot for America, for example, it’s not very many when you remember that most of those are from Southeast Asia and are trying to scam you out of your money instead of sleeping with you.Feel free to use The Safe Porn as your porn directory or your secure list of porn websites! is XXXDating any good, is XXXDating for real, is XXXDating legit, online sex dating sites, scam sex dating sites, sites like XXXDating, worst sex dating sites, XXXDating comparison, XXXDating ratings, XXXDating review, XXXDating scam Lie #1: claims to have 15 million members. Most of those members are actually not registered with, but with its parent site,

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