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However, I have heard many guys complain about the same thing he complained about.

I thank my lucky stars I’ve never experienced it.- Follow Khaya on Twitter.

I grew up in a small town in the 90's, where I was the only non-white girl in my class at school and my skin colour was a curiosity rather than a threat.

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’ or ‘I don’t even see race, when we first met I didn’t even notice that you weren’t white! Whether you want to see him again depends entirely on whether he’s more attractive than he is annoying. The appropriation of black culture in the mainstream?

They can date white women, coloured, and Indian women easily but it’s difficult for black women because they aren’t being approached by white guys as regularly as black men are accepted by women of other races. “These white girls are taking our best men” as black American movies often parody. I have often said this; I am an equal opportunity dater. “I like white women.” It’s also the quickest way to piss off black women. When you go overseas as a black person you become rather exotic. Women with fewer demands The acquaintance I quoted earlier also said this: “In my experience if you're not rolling in dough it’s easier to hook up with a white, coloured and even an Asian woman, I promise you.” Basically, the kind of ladies he’d like to get to know aren’t giving him a chance because he’s not loaded, he’s not some BEE type with an accompanying BEE belly and BEE bank balance to help him pick up black women. When he said that it’s easier, he didn’t mean that they are easier. Are they driving him towards the arms of other women?

I will date any woman of any race as long as she’s hot. One can understand why this might upset some black women. I found that I was even exotic to other black people in the States. So he goes for white, coloured and Asian women who are not so demanding on one’s bank balance. He just said that the relationship is easier once you’re in it. A few weeks ago I was at the mall and I saw an old white man with a young black hot woman. Or is the young black man too busy playing games that the young black woman starts losing patience with him and starts looking elsewhere?

The hypnotising power of money is of course not something that is exclusive to black women. Just as guys seem to lose their minds the moment they see a short skirt. A dilemma Black women are increasingly finding it difficult to find good quality black men, apparently.

Increasingly, there are more and more educated black women who are doing rather well for themselves.

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